In everything we do, we have our clients in mind. We thoroughly assess and plan, so that you can have the best physical therapy care and experience, from the time you enter our office, until the moment you leave. Here is what you can expect when you contact us!

On your first visit, you will be greeted by our friendly staff and offered free refreshments. If you haven’t had the opportunity to fill out new patient paperwork, you can do so in the comfort of our reception area. A detailed consultation and exam with one of our Etna chiropractors, Dr. McDonough or Dr. Infantino in Etna OH, will follow.


During the exam, we will listen to your symptoms, ask questions, and assess whether we can help your case. If so, a thorough examination will follow including X-Rays, if needed. We will start your treatment plan that day. We know patients come to us for relief and we don’t want them to wait another day for treatment to take place. After getting all the facts of your case, we will explain how we can help. We offer short-term pain relief treatment plans as well as long-term stabilization plans.


We will show you exercises and stretches that can give relief, and identify activities and movements to be avoided. Response time to treatment for our patients vary: Some respond quickly, while others take longer.

If you are not responding well to our treatment plan, we will reevaluate and change directions if need be. Your care and comfort is our first priority!


From our physical therapy special offers to the way we answer our phones and treat our patients, we want to exceed your expectations, give you relief, and help you move the way you were made to move!


We feel strongly that pain-free movement and physical and sports therapy shouldn’t be a luxury.

With that in mind, we’ve structured our treatment programs to be as effective and our payment options to be flexible to fit almost any budget and work with most insurance plans.

We want you to get the physical and sports therapy care you need, so you can live the life you want – free of pain!